Hy-Skor 6-9" Pivotal Bipod Swivel

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Product Overview

Fixed and swivel options available. 

Quick manoeuvring

Adjusts between 6” - 9” rapidly thanks to its spring-loaded legs. Swivel model has 18˚ of tilt in either direction available without repositioning legs.

Excellent stability for a better shot

The bipod pivots independently from the upper stock mount allowing fast but sturdy levelling on uneven ground. The tension knob on the swivel model can also be adjusted to resist pivotal motion.

Robust construction 

Aluminium and glass-filled polymers makes the bipod virtually weatherproof and rustproof. 

 - Fits QD swivel stud

- Spring loaded extendable legs

- Extremely stable. Legs unfold to a 56˚  angle

- Quickly detachable 

- Weighs only 250g (fixed model), 300g (swivel model)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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